Caricature Artist for Trade Shows and Conventions

Draw a Crowd to Your Trade Show Booth with The Caricature Guy

The Caricature guy has been providing live caricatures at Trade Shows for a variety of clients throughout New England for more than 25 years. Caricatures are a powerful and effective way to increase traffic to your trade show booth, engage with potential customers and capture new leads.

We can provide one or multiple artists to handle your crowd and can easily schedule artists to cover the entire duration of the show.

Increase Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth with Traditional Caricatures

Hiring a caricature artist for your trade show booth is a great way to stand out from the crowd and drive more traffic to your booth.

Traditional pen and ink caricatures are a tried and true way to capture the attention of passersby at Trade Shows and bring them over to learn more about your product or services.

People love to see what they look like as a caricature and enjoy watching others get drawn as well. The Caricature Guy’s outgoing, personal and professional approach and “flattering likeness” style ensures people will enjoy the experience from start to finish.

Increase Your Impact with Digital Caricatures at Your Trade Show

Beyond traditional Pen and Ink Caricatures, The Caricature Guy also offers digital caricatures at Trade Shows.

This innovative approach to caricatures definitely draws a crowd. The artist works on a state of the art tablet and projects their work on a large screen that is sure to be noticed by curious passersby.

The finished product can be printed out on branded paper to be taken home or even inserted into a credentials lanyard.

Build Your Brand with Caricatures at Your Trade Show

Caricatures are great for bringing people into your booth but The caricature Guy can also help you increase your brand impact with custom options like your company logo and website url printed on the paper. We can even create pre-drawn backgrounds featuring your product or service and set the caricature subjects within it. The possibilities are endless.

Capture Leads with Digital Caricatures at Your Trade Show

In addition to traditional and digital caricatures, The Caricature Guy offers an innovative marketing lead capture program called “Digital Round Trip” to enable you to 1. capture leads at your trade show 2. drive visitors to your website and 3. Reach new leads through social media

Here’s how it works:
Visitors get drawn in digital format and provide their email address (a captured lead) to receive a link to a digital version of their drawing. Their drawing is embedded in a custom branded micro site (designed by us) which tells more about your product or service and links back to your main website. When visitors click the social “share” button next to their picture a link to your microsite is published on their social media (driving more traffic to your microsite).

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