Caricature Artist for Charity Events

Add a Creative Touch to Your Next Charity Event with High Quality, Entertaining Caricatures

Looking for creative entertainment for your charity event? Bring in The Caricature Guy to add a special touch. The Caricature Guy has been entertaining guests at charity events throughout Massachusetts for more than 25 years.

Our talented, professional and personable caricature artists can handle events large and small. We would love to come draw at your charity event, fundraiser, dinner or whatever you’ve got planned.

Make your charity event entertainment more affordable.

Many charity event organizers are in a tough spot since they want to make the event appealing through entertainment but they also want to make sure that the funds raised through the event go to their intended purpose: benefitting the charity. The Caricature Guy is willing to work with charity clients to make high quality entertainment more affordable. To help, we are typically willing to reduce our rates by 10% for charity events. Another technique that often works is to have a box or jar near where The Caricature Guy is drawing with a “suggested donation” sign. Guests can contribute a donation for theor drawing with thsoe funds being returned to the organization to offset the cost of hiring The Caricature Guy.

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