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12 Frequent Questions About Caricatures

Here are a few questions that come up frequently. Feel free to contact with other questions or call 774.283.5913 during waking hours.

What Geographic Area Does The Caricature Work In?
The Caricature Guy works primarily on the South Shore of Massachusetts, but will travel anywhere to draw at your event. If you are looking for a caricature artist for your event in Massachusetts, including Plymouth, MA, and surrounding area, including the towns of Marshfield, Duxbury, Scituate, Norwell, Pembroke etc, or caricatures on the cape and islands, Boston, Newton, Brookline, Cambridge and beyond, The Caricature Guy is ready to come to your event.

How Do I Book a Caricature Artist for My Corporate Event or Private Party?
Booking The Caricature Guy is easy. Simply fill out the no-obligation booking inquiry form on the booking/info page. Enter some basic info about the event you are are considering hiring The Caricature Guy for and someone will contact you to follow up and complete the actual booking.

What Kind of Events Are Good for Caricature Artists?
Really, any social event where people are having a good time is a good fit for caricatures. Caricatures make fun stuff better. Remember, adult parties are perfect for caricature artists. The Caricature Guy loves to draw caricatures at adult only events like cocktail parties, pub crawls, wedding receptions, engagement dinners, caricatures at your barbeque, clam bake and pool parties... The possibilities for your adult-only event are limited only by imagination! For more ideas of how Caricatures can make your fun stuff better...visit the caricatures at your event page

I'm a Party Planner, Can I Hire You to Do Caricatures at My Event?
Yes! If you are a party planner on the South Shore, The Caricature Guy would love to hear from you. If you are a wedding planner, you know that caricatures are exploding in popularity. The Caricature Guy is proud to offer professional services at reasonable agent rates. Shoot an email to or call 774.283.5913 for details.

Do You Draw Caricatures from Photos?
Yes, and no. The Caricature Guy can and does work from photos, but he specializes in live event caricatures. If you book him for an event and would like to have some additional materials created from photos (an invitation, sign-in boards, thank you notes etc) then the Caricature Guy would be happy to help out in that area. (Additonal studio fees will apply of course). The caricature Guy will also take a look at other projects to be done from photos, including detailed caricatures for gifts, awards, caricature sign-in boards, business cards, websites, etc. If you're intereted in a specialty caricature from photos, Shoot an email to or call 774.283.5913 for details.

Do You Do Caricatures in Black and White or Do You Do Color Caricatures?
It's your choice. The caricature guy can draw vibrant, full color caricatures or elegant black line style.

How Many Drawings Can You Do in an Hour?
On average the Caricature Guy can do 10 Black line caricatures per hour and about 7 full color drawings per hour.

Do You Make People Look Ugly or Weird in Your Caricatures?
No. Caricature has an unfortunate tradition in political history where the subjects are lampooned based on their least flattering features. That is NOT what The Caricature Guy is about. The Caricature Guy draws humorous illustration that achieves a flattering likeness.

Do You Charge for Travel Time?
If travel requires an airplane, ferry etc. the client will assume responsibility for the cost. If a "local" event is more than 40 miles from The Caricature Guy's home studio, a request for reasonable travel compensation will be made at time of booking.

How Do You Know If You're Hiring a Good Caricature Artist?
Here's a helpful blog post about hiring a good caricature here to view



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